Services Provided

At The Animal Dermatology Clinic

Fees quoted by phone are for the initial examination only.  Additional testing and treatment services are itemized and billed separately.  An estimate of our average total charges, including examination fee, testing, and treatments will be provided during the initial phone conversation.  We discuss each recommended procedure and treatment with you during the initial visit.  Please inform us if you would like an item by item fee estimate, or if you have concerns regarding payment. The initial visit includes a complete

skin and physical examination.  During this one hour appointment we will review your pet’s medical history (including records from your primary care veterinarian), examine your pet, perform diagnostic tests crucial for making a correct diagnosis and explain our recommended treatments.  There will be ample time to discuss any of your concerns, and answer any of your questions.

Laboratory testing available and used to diagnose and treat skin disorders:

ALLERGY TESTING (BLOOD, IN VITRO):  For pollen, mold, housedust, and insects.

ALLERGY TESTING (INTRADERMAL):  For pollen, mold, housedust and insects.

BACTERIAL CULTURE/SENSITIVITY:  For bacterial skin infections, and MRSP.

BIOCHEMISTRY PROFILE:  For general health status, and markers of skin disease.

BIOPSY (FINE NEEDLE ASPIRATE):  For quick screening of skin growths for cancer.

BIOPSY (EXCISIONAL):  For pathological confirmation of skin diseases and tumors.


COMPLETE BLOOD COUNT (CBC):  For general health status, and markers of skin disease.

CYTOLOGY (IN HOUSE PREP):  Essential screening for bacteria, yeast, and inflammation.

FECAL EXAMINATION:  To identify intestinal worms.

FUNGAL CULTURE (DTM):  For the identification and source of ringworm fungus.

HORMONAL BLOOD TESTING:  For skin conditions caused by hormonal imbalances.

OTOSCOPY:  For diagnosis and treatment of ear disorders.

SKIN SCRAPING:  Essential screening for mange (Sarcoptes, Demodex, Cheyletiella) mites.

TRICHOGRAM:  To identify hair abnormalities.

TV VIDEO VIEWING:  On screen views of the cells, mites, worms or germs involved.

WOOD’S LIGHT EXAM:  Screening test for ringworm fungus.

SURGICAL SERVICES:  Surgery is provided for the treatment of skin growths, skin tags, warts, scars, abscesses, torn nails, skin folds, wounds and other skin abnormalities.